Year 6 are a Spilt Second Away From Taking Home Mathematics Trophy

Competition Maths

On Wednesday 5 October, we arrived at Oxford University Maths Institute ready for a day of challenging Maths.

The floor was covered with an intriguing repetitive pattern including star and pentagon shapes.  We entered to be greeted by the welcoming aroma of freshly baked pasties from Café .

We were the blue team for the morning activity.  Mr Tiley-Nunn gave a speech about his love of Maths and about shapes that could make a skateboard move smoothly, for example the reuleaux triangle.

Then we split up into groups to try and create a 3D icosahedron. This was extremely challenging as we were not able to use sellotape to connect the parts together.  None of us were together but only two groups were able to successfully create the icosahedron.

At lunchtime we were lucky enough to have a tour of the Maths Institute. The highlight of the tour was visiting the Common Room which was where the Mathematicians studied and relaxed.  We were allowed to write on the tables and draw on the windows!

The quiz of all quizzes was up next!  This was the moment when we had to battle out to win the Maths Conference Trophy 2016.  We had twenty questions to complete in forty-five minutes and successfully achieved full marks in thirty minutes, finishing first!  To our disappointment, three other schools achieved full marks, but did not finish as fast as us.  This meant we had to attend the tie–breaker.  It was the hardest question of all. We had the answer but Wimbledon got there a split second before us. They took the trophy home, not us. We left feeling a little disappointed but we knew that we had tried our best and were glad that we even got to the tie breaker.

We had such a fun and enjoyable day.


Amber, Francesca, Aditi, Adrika, Dilsha and Alyssa, Year 6

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