STEM Lessons for Year 6

Junior School Science

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are the elements that make up a STEM lesson.


We have been learning how to design experiments, record results and write up conclusions with Ms Adby, all whilst using the four elements mentioned above.

In one of our very first lessons we learnt how to safely light a Bunsen burner!  We loved dressing like Scientists for this. We were investigating how fireworks get their colours by putting splints soaked in a variety of chemicals into the flame and watching the colour of the flame change.

We designed our own table to record these results. We then used technology to interpret our results by entering them into an Excel spreadsheet and sorting according to the colours produced.  Please ask us to tell you about our findings!

We look forward to our STEM lessons every week as Ms Adby makes them really practical and stimulating.


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