Northwood College Eco Club plant Aloe Vera

Junior School Event

On Wednesday 5 October, Eco Club planted some aloe vera plants.  We planted them outside in the quiet area near the pond so we would not make too much mess. Mrs Talbot handed out the plant pots, some ceramic and some plastic.  We used some of Mrs Hamilton’s Gardening Club soil.  We put a small amount into the pots, then Mrs Talbot broke up and pulled out the aloe vera plants from the overgrown one she had had at home for nearly ten years. Once the plants were separated, we put them into individual pots and added more soil. Then we watered them. Finally, when everyone had planted their plant, we took a photo.


Most of these aloe vera plants went to a new home with an Eco Club member. We still have a whole tray of them to separate, kindly donated by Mrs Smith and Lexie, which will be put into classrooms.


If you have any plants that can be separated and split, or spare soil or plant pots, Eco Club would love to help make our classrooms more ‘green’!


Rahima Shaibu, Thalia Al-Madfai and Khushi Rao, Year 5

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