Open Day – A report by Poppy Treadaway Year 12

Open Day Open Days

After a long wait, Open Day at Northwood College for Girls is finally here…


Girls are looking smart, teachers are beaming with enthusiasm and there are smiles coming from left, right and centre. As you walk through the entrance, you are greeted by a swarm of cheerful Northwood College girls before you begin a tour around the striking grounds and facilities available to your daughter.


You start in the Junior School – where the fun begins. The vibrant, eye-catching displays alone are enough to entice you into the world of education and enrichment, as well as the passion and care shown by our magnificent team of Junior staff.  Bryden-Brown is full of joy with girls completing coding challenges in ICT, solving number-puzzles in Mathematics and learning all about British values in History. You move through the Junior School and, if you are feeling brave, you may even attempt to challenge yourself to a Literacy game in the Year 3 classroom!

Amazed at the learning environment we have created, there is much more to the Junior School than meets the eye. You may be lucky enough to meet our Head of Junior School, Mrs Hubble, or even some of the other incredible teachers and teaching assistants who work tirelessly to ensure your daughter will flourish both academically and personally throughout their time at Northwood College.


Take the jump from Juniors to Seniors as you head to the Briary building, where you can try lino-printing in the Art department, before snacking on Fairtrade chocolate with Mr Rogoff, the Head of Geography. Match the rock types with their names or browse through Geography work from Year 7, all the way up to A-Level! If you are not feeling hungry or creative, upstairs holds the start of a Mathematical treasure hunt, where problem solving is the only way to get to the all-important treasure…


Move to the Manor, where Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, English and History will welcome you into a whole new realm of discovery and innovative learning. Uncover literary texts you may never have encountered, before entering into the Northwood bubble, and speak to some of our very own pupils and English teaching staff. Miss Shirman will guide you through her department, where annotation and creativity are only the beginning for a bright future with English. Immerse yourself in philosophical questions and ethical issues from all over the world with the RS team by your side, but not before you find historical artefacts in the History room and engross yourself in a new discovery of an old world.


If the smell of fresh waffles has not enticed you in by now, they soon will!  Follow your noses and you will find yourselves in the Modern Languages department; Chinese tea and calligraphy from Lao Shi or fresh crêpes from Mr Ezekiel, the choice is yours!  And if you still have room, rumour has it there are waffles from Frau Gladstone and non-alcoholic Sangria from Señora! However, despite these alluring aromas and tingling taste-buds, the MFL department has much more on offer than just waffles and tea; achieving fantastic results each year, the native teachers encourage linguists to develop their love for languages and culture through their pioneering philosophy. 


Move on further through the school and you will find yourselves in the Physical Education department; perhaps you are in the gym surrounded by fantastic state-of-the-art equipment whilst overlooking the swimming pool, or maybe you have tried your hand at badminton, table tennis or trampolining; with so much to try, what will you choose?  Over 60 clubs are on offer to our girls, a large proportion being sports; be it netball in the winter or tennis in the summer, there is an array of different activities with which to fill their lunchtime and after-school time!


Follow the sweet serenades buzzing from the Performing Arts Centre, where live musical and drama performances from our very own Kate Winslets will entertain you. Meet the creators behind the performances themselves and discover the opportunities available to your daughter in the performing arts because, whatever it is you love, Northwood College for Girls is there to support you, guide you and encourage you to fulfil your true potential.


If you fancy yourself as a young Einstein, head over to the Science Block where test tubes, chemicals and lava lamps only scratch the surface of the excitement available. The fizz, crackle and pop of explosive test tubes and colour-changing acids in Chemistry, along with the atom construction and electro-magnets in Physics will prove just how much fun Science can be!


The smell of freshly baked breads and cakes will lure you along to the Pavilion. Get creative and design your own cupcakes, or if you fancy a slice of homemade cake or a Portuguese custard tart - help yourself! Design and creativity are key in this department, which continues through to Textiles where you can watch our very own students at work, making appliqued bags and cushions. The freedom to express yourself in any way is encouraged at Northwood College for Girls; be it acting, singing, dancing or cooking, there are facilities to support you.

Your tour is coming to an end but, before you go, our Centenary Library is a must-see. Converted from the school gymnasium in 1994 and with over 11,000 books, the library is one of Northwood College’s best features. Not only is it the perfect area to relax, unwind and study in peace and quiet – it is an historical statement!


One final stop before indulging in fresh pastries and lunch bites, (all homemade by our fantastic Catering team) is our wonderful Sixth Form gathered in the Year 13 common room. Meet our new Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Brown, or treat yourself to a cupcake whilst discussing careers with Ms Thompson, overlooking the school from the top floor of Old School.

Then move on to our dining hall. A new, contemporary design makes it an enjoyable place to eat and relax with your friends, not to mention all of the food that is available. Be it pasta, jacket potatoes, the salad bar, soup, fresh fruit, cakes, fresh bread and up to three different hot meals on offer a day – there is something for everyone!


Now, we say our goodbyes but, after a fun-filled and action-packed day exploring the life behind the scenes at Northwood College for Girls, we hope to see you very soon!


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