Stem Day at Uxbridge College

Senior School Trip


On Friday 8 July, eight students from Year 9 went to Uxbridge College for a STEM day.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and is based on the idea of teaching students four specific subjects together and interlinking them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on the real world.  During the day we explored STEM in further depth using interactive workshops and talks.

We started the day by having 5 minute discussions with people who worked in a high field of each aspect of STEM, with the aim of finding out which part of STEM we particularly wanted to explore during the day.  We were able to ask them any questions we liked about the part of STEM in which they worked.  For example, in one corner of the room was Maths. The people we talked to there were mostly accountants and one of the points they explained to us was how they used Maths to predict a future economic crisis.

Just before lunch, we were given a talk on digestion with a step by step breakdown of how the body digests food.  This was demonstrated using simple equipment:  a funnel, plastic bag and bowl.  We also saw a video of a camera going through someone’s digestive system so that we could see where food is digested.

After this very detailed talk, we had lunch before moving on to a talk on animation design and special effects/ CGI.   Here we learned how animation movies are created, how long they take and the skills required, as well as how special effects are used and the types of jobs involved in creating movies. Finally, we went to a workshop on coding where we were given instructions and had to use code to write sentences and create patterns whilst some of us even learned how to use code to control a robot.  We were also shown how to wire up a bread board and use coding to control miniature LED boards.

On our way back to the train station we stopped at McDonalds and Ms Hashemi treated us all to ice cream.   Written by Amy Shah (now in Year 10)

Amy Shah:  “I found the day very interesting and informative.  My favourite part was the coding workshop.”

Bhavini Shah & Mala Pearson: “Overall the day was fun and interesting as we got to find out more about STEM.”

Francesca Prideaux: “I really enjoyed practising the coding and talking to people who have work in each of the STEM sections.”

Jasmine Malty: “It was a really fun and enjoyable experience especially because it was interactive and we tried out new things which helped us learn more about STEM.”

Shanza Khan: “I enjoyed learning about coding and the jobs in the game and film industry as it didn’t occur to me how many different jobs there are.”

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