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Following on from last week’s excellent A Level results, Maxwell Road was once again the scene of much excitement this morning (Thursday 25 August 2016) when students at Northwood College for Girls achieved a set of outstanding GCSE results.


We are delighted to announce that 65% of the girls’ grades are A* - A and 87% are A* - B!


Headmistress, Jacqualyn Pain, was delighted with the girls’ results and keen to congratulate the students on their individual achievements, as well as the staff of the school for their overall success. “It has been a fantastic morning giving the girls their results and I am so proud of each and every one of them. They all work tremendously hard throughout the year and these excellent results certainly reflect this. I am very pleased that so many of our GCSE students can now progress further with their education with confidence and a tremendous sense of achievement.


At Northwood College for Girls, all of our staff are ambitious and passionate, and we work hard to equip the girls with a love of learning which we are confident plays a pivotal role in driving them to reach and exceed all expectations. I believe that these excellent GCSE results provide a testament to the exceptionally high standard of a Northwood College for Girls’ education and the effectiveness of our forward-thinking teaching techniques such as our ground-breaking Thinking Skills Programme.”


The Chinese Department excelled yet again, with 100% of girls achieving A*, whilst Textile students created an equally brilliant picture with 100% of their results at A* - A.


One star performer of our GCSE Class of 2016 was Disha Haria (pictured above on the right) who achieved an outstanding 11 A*’s with a further 2 A*s in additional mathematics qualifications. Through tears of joy Disha commented “I feel so shocked and relieved, I studied so hard and I am so proud that my grades reflected this. I can’t wait to tell my mum and dad – they will be so proud of me!” Beaming with happiness, her sister commented “I am just so proud of Disha! She thought she wouldn’t do this well – but we all believed in her”


(Pictured above: Poppy Treadaway, who achieved 2 A*s, 6 A’s and 1 B)


Janika Patel achieved 7 A*s and 3 A’s with a further 2 A*s in additional mathematics qualifications. “I am really happy with my results and I would like to thank all of my teachers as they were really supportive. I would love to eventually study Economics at university.”

Beaming with joy, her mum commented: “Words cannot explain how proud we are of Janika, she studied so much and put so much effort into her studies so she truly deserves this”


(Pictured above: Davina Pindoria who gained 6 A*s and 5 A’s and a further 2 A*s in additional mathematics qualifications)


Ezrin Valentine would like to study Medicine and she is well on her way, gaining 4 A*s including Biology and Chemistry and a further A* in an additional mathematics qualification.  “I am so proud of myself and I can’t wait to join Northwood College for Girls’ Sixth Form. My dream is to study at Oxford University and become a Doctor!”


(Pictured above: Atinuke Lapido who was ecstatic at her results)


Being a member of the UK’s largest Education Charity, the GDST, means that teachers and support staff at Northwood College for Girls benefit from the most up to date educational resources, training and support network; and that the girls have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of scholarships and competitions, as well as a spectrum of GDST learning initiatives, seminars and workshops.  


At GCSE and A Level, GDST pupils outperform not just the general population of schools, but specifically those from the rest of the independent school sector and in recent years almost 80% of GDST students going on to higher education did so at Russell Group universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge.


Miss Pain concluded: “I truly look forward to welcoming our girls into the Northwood College for Girls’ Sixth Form. These girls will go on to benefit from a personalised, academically strong curriculum and robust enrichment programme in the Sixth Form, which is designed to help them develop into courageous, independent-minded and resilient young women; fully equipped to lead fulfilling and successful lives in this fast-changing world.


I am so proud of all of our girls and I look forward to seeing them flourish as they enter a new chapter of their lives.”




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