French Studies Day at King’s College

Sixth Form

On Wednesday 15 June, Charlotte and I went to King’s College London to participate in a day of French Studies.  Firstly, the university gave us a short introduction about what you would learn if you chose to continue to study French there.

We then participated in a French Literature workshop where a particular focus was put on racism.  We focussed on a book called Ourika which is about a black girl growing up in a noble family in the 19th century.  We analysed the text, just like in our English classes at school.  We then had a French History class during which we discussed the Revolution in France and its symbols; for example, the lecturer told us that the French only started to celebrate Bastille Day many years after the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789.   

Finally, we listened to some of the students who study French at King’s College and they answered our questions.

It was a very useful day, not only because it allowed us to understand better how French is taught at university but it also gave us an insight into life at university.  I would encourage you to participate in days such as these as, apart from helping your UCAS application, you will have the chance to improve your understanding of the subject that you might want to study at university.

Sophie Weller, Year 12 

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