Year 10's Spanish Workshop

Senior School

Canela Fina hosted a very useful GCSE Spanish Speaking practice workshop for the twenty seven Year 10 students who participated.  Each student in turn was asked questions on an unknown picture on the topic of family, school or holidays.  Some of the pictures were not only challenging but highly amusing, ranging from a tiger walking in front of a family on safari to an old family photo of ten children. 

The girls had the challenge to respond to as many questions as they could before their time was up and their friend’s number appeared on the screen so they could sit down.  They also received some good advice on how to prepare for the GCSE Oral Examination and tactics on how to deal with tricky questions!

I would like to thank Canela Fina for coming in to host the hour’s workshop and also the girls who responded so positively to the Spanish leaders, Ana and Maria.

Miss C Quirk, Head of Spanish 

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