Residential Trip to York for Year 8

Senior School

On 5 July, our Year 8 girls went on a residential trip to York where they spent three days exploring the location and participating in various activities.

All of the girls thoroughly enjoyed their time there. Together, some girls from Year 8 wrote this piece to share what they felt were the highlights of the trip and what they learnt:

On the first day of York, after a long journey, we went to a castle and a museum. The museum was really interesting as we got to learn about the Georgian times. We took many pictures and went to the castle where we climbed up a steep hill. When we reached the top we looked down and saw an amazing view of the whole of York city.

We visited a chocolate workshop and chocolate factory. The chocolate workshop and the chocolate factory helped us to improve our speaking and listening skills, as well as building on each other’s points. Our teamwork skills were improved dramatically and we are confident now that we truly know how to get our points across.

We all had a lot of fun and wished we could have spent a few more days in York. This was a valuable experience in which we have learnt a great deal from and will never forget.

Overall, we all found our four meals at the race course very delicious and thought that the dining room was very clean and well laid out. We all really enjoyed our packed lunch which was prepared for us by the very welcoming staff. The accommodation was fabulous - beds were laid out in the room well and there was a sufficient amount of space in our room to enable us to fully enjoy our stay. Our free time was wonderful as we were able to talk to our friends and also make bonds with new ones. The teachers were amazing too.

On the way home on Thursday we visited Burghley House, a really big house which is over 500 years old!

Currently, a woman named Miranda Rock lives there with her children. We visited 18 of the 200+ rooms.

Our favourite rooms were the kitchen with the copper pots and pans, and the chapel. Our main highlights were

the Jade and Ivory chessboard with its beautiful pieces. Another highlight was the heaven and hell staircase. It is called this because there are two rooms with heaven and hell painted on the walls.

We also liked Queen Victoria’s bedroom, as the bed was a nice colour and it was very posh. The bed was so high and the wood was carved very nicely. We all really enjoyed Burghley House overall!

Everyone in Year 8 agrees that we had an amazing trip to York. Although we all had our favourite parts it was such a nice trip and we all had so much fun. It was a very nice way to end the year before our summer holiday.

Thank you teachers for being so helpful and amazing during the trip. We would also like to thank all of the staff in York who made us feel very welcome during our stay.

We wish we could have stayed longer and hopefully we get to go there again one day.

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