Year 7 Visit la France

Senior School

Despite the Brexit vote on Thursday 23 June, 60 intrepid Year 7 girls and eight staff set off for ‘la belle
France’ very early the following morning. Carefully avoiding the Euro 2016 football fans, we arrived safely
at the charming and quaint little French town of Guînes, some 30m kilometres from the Eurotunnel terminal.
Here we enjoyed a colourful French market. From fresh rhubarb and beautiful artichokes to jeans and
caps, there was something for everyone. The girls practised their French with the stall holders and the
market goers, conducting a survey about their hobbies and family life (I couldn’t resist asking them about
France’s chances of winning Euro 2016 and what they thought about Britain leaving the EU!). This was all
very thirsty work, which was rewarded with a trip to a French café for nice cold ‘boisson’.

After a picnic lunch, we headed straight for a bakery visit. Here we were given an interactive tour of a
typical French bakery. We were shown exactly how bread is made using only four ingredients (flour, yeast,
water and salt). We were then invited to make some croissants – an experience I think the girls will not
forget easily!

After arriving at the terminal for some shopping and a quick bite to eat, it was already time to say ‘au revoir’.

The girls are to be commended for their exemplary behaviour and should be very proud of themselves.

Bravo! Mr D Ezekiel


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