Summer Estate Project


Whilst our girls are taking a well-deserved break this summer holiday, we will be working hard in order to provide an improved learning environment in September. Working with our Architectural Consultants, the following refurbishment projects will begin as soon as term ends.

Renovation of Old School

Our Old School building was completed in 1892 and still welcomes visitors to school with an air of grandeur and splendour. The ground floor is home to the main Dining Room and the corridor walls provide a backdrop for our girls’ various achievements, artworks, notice boards and the Head Girl team portraits.

The time has come for some major refurbishment and we have been working with the architectural practice, Architecture PLB, on the challenge of retaining the traditional Arts and Craft feel of Old School – whilst bringing it into the 21st century. The end result will provide a sophisticated and stylish setting for our girls and guests.

The main corridor from the School Office to the dining room will undergo a complete transformation based around a bright new colour scheme. New carpeting, ceilings and refurbished woodwork will be undertaken at the same time as the installation of much improved lighting which has been specifically designed to show off our girls’ spectacular artwork.

Our main dining room and servery will undergo a complete refurbishment to ensure that it is light and contemporary. The new servery has been designed to minimise queuing and to improve the overall lunch time experience by opening up the area . The work will include the installation of a new insulated roof to ensure that the room is much more pleasant during the colder months. We will also install acoustic board on the walls and a new ceiling to help reduce ambient noise so that the girls can better enjoy their conversations over lunch.

In the East Wing of Old School, the refurbishment project will include the replacement of windows, fully renovated first floor classrooms and a new roof. If Planning permission is granted, we will also be rendering the external brickwork in order to give the building a bright new look.

Sporting a New Look!

We have appointed White Horse Contractors (who have completed projects for the University of Oxford, FIFA, Chelsea Football Club and the Olympic Delivery Authority) to renovate our sports field. Work will include the installation of drainage to improve use during the wetter months and the levelling and reseeding of the field to enable the girls to have a surface more suitable to high level sport.

As part of the work, we are also planning the installation of a long jump which will give the girls direct access to a new sporting discipline and we look forward to seeing them jump for joy when it’s ready!

Our tennis courts are one of the most heavily used sporting facilities onsite and as such are scheduled to receive a new playing surface across the summer break. To encourage each girl to fully participate in sport we recognise that providing a pleasant environment for the girls to change before and after PE is important in ensuring that each girl fully participates in sport. Therefore, having taken inspiration from private gyms, we are currently working through options and are planning for the dry-side changing rooms to undergo a complete redesign and refurbishment. The project will be extensive and will commence in July and run across the Autumn term. Once completed, the girls will be able to enjoy a much lighter and brighter environment, with new lockers, showers and toilets.

The air handling will be completely overhauled to ensure a consistent temperature across the year. Dynamic lighting, along with new flooring, fixtures and fittings will add to the ambience. We will also be adding hairdryers, which is something the girls have asked for.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Northwood College for Girls GDST benefits from an open and airy site with girls able to enjoy the fresh air between lessons and during their breaks. To build on this and further enhance their experience and impression of the site, we will commence the first phase of our external refurbishment programme. Phase one will begin with the renovation of the pathways around the site and the fitting of new handrails. In order to improve site access, we will also be renovating the entrances to Briary and Manor; and to enhance energy efficiency, both Upper School and the Staff dining room will receive new roofs.

Junior School Entrance

Following the successful trial of using Wray Lodge as the entrance to Junior School, this system will become permanent from September 2016. Minor works to the ground floor of Wray Lodge will be undertaken to facilitate this and a buggy park will be located outside the building.

Estate Rationalisation

We are delighted to report that the Master Plan for redevelopment of our entire site is underway with architects Ellis Williams appointed to undertake a feasibility study. The study will initially focus on the provision for Junior School, the Sixth Form, STEM, general site landscaping and an enhanced site security system.

We look forward to keeping our parents regularly updated and will confirm a full timing schedule in due course.

GCSE & A Level Exam Review Requests

Following the issue of examination results, post result service request forms and an ‘Exams Office’ post box will be available in Redington lodge. Full details will be available with results.

Below contains details of our key partners as well as imagery of the refurbishment projects.

Key Partners

Ellis Williams Archtiects (

Architecture PLB (

Chiltern Sports (

White Horse Contractors (


Dry Side Changing Rooms | Artist’s Impression





















Old School Refurbishment |  Mood Board & Artist’s Impression


Entrance Hall Refurbishment | Artist’s Impression





Dining Room Servery Refurbishment | Artist’s Impression








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