Deep Learning and Diversity Week

Senior School

Jada Richard in Year 7 presented an inspiring power-point presentation on racism focussing particularly on the Scottsboro Boys in 1930’s Alabama. 

This was part of the work the class were doing in Deep Learning following the theme of ‘Time’.  Coincidentally, this was during Diversity Week and Jada obviously felt particularly passionate about the subject. 

Jada writes: “I choose this topic to help me develop as an individual, as well as deepening my understanding of racism issues in Alabama, 1930. The Scottsboro Boys were charged, solely because they were black, with seriously assaulting two white women. They were nine black teenage boys who were hoboing on a freight train in Alabama, on the southern railway line between Chattanooga and Memphis. A fight broke out between the boys and a group of white men and women.  The Scottsboro Boys were accused, tried and convicted of the assaults and sentenced to death.  In a later re-trial one of the alleged victims admitted that the story had been made up.  However, despite this, the jury still found the boys guilty of the crime.

President Abraham Lincoln had freed all African-American slaves in 1863, during the American Civil War.  But it wasn't until 1865 that the law was enforced in many of the Southern States and being African-American in Alabama in the 1930s was still not easy; the legacy of racism prevailed.”

Jada’s presentation stimulated a lot of interest in the class and many questions, all of which Jada answered exceptionally well.  Excellent work Jada - Mrs Jackman, Deputy Head

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