Forest School Adventure

Junior School

On Wednesday 8 June, Reception Blue Class and 3G joined forces for a Forest School adventure. 

We headed over to base camp where Reception taught Year 3 the key rules and showed them the boundary markers.

Then Mrs Allen explained that in Forest School at Northwood College for Girls, we are lucky enough to have flower fairies living amongst the trees. The girls went on a fairy hunt and discovered many fairies and fairy wings.

Knowing that recently the weather had been a little unpredictable, the girls were anxious to help the fairies in any way they could.  In groups of two or three, they created fairy homes and some furniture to go inside and mixed together scented and sparkly fairy potions, writing down the recipes as they went.  There was also some tree art as the girls made friendly clay faces to make the fairies smile and laugh.

Unfortunately, there was then a huge thunder clap and the rain came pouring down, putting an end to our adventure.  We can only hope that the fairies were snug and warm in the homes that had been built!  

Many thanks to Mrs Allen for organising the afternoon.  Miss Golinsky



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