Salters’ Festival of Chemistry at Queen Mary University of London

Senior School

On Wednesday 11 May, Chahat  Halai, Simran Patel, Sofia Farooq and Kritika Sawant from Year 8 represented the school at the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry at Queen Mary University of London. 

They took part in two competitions, along with 16 other school teams including Watford Grammar School for Girls and The John Lyon School.

The girls won second prize for the Salters’ Challenge in which they used chemical tests to analyse materials and correctly applied their conclusions to determine the murderer at a crime scene.  To do well they had to work safely, as a team and communicate their ideas clearly.  Another GDST school, Sydenham High, won first prize.

The students found the day interesting and had great fun, learning a great deal about the importance of teamwork and how to conduct experiments within a time limit. 

The University lecture demonstration was entitled ‘Chemistry is kool’ and it certainly was, with plenty of liquid nitrogen and solid carbon dioxide to make the point clear.




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