A Visit from the Onatti Theatre Company

Senior School

On Monday 18 April, all those who study German were treated to an entertaining performance of a German play. 

Performed entirely in German, the play, Zwillinge (Twins) was easy to understand, funny and helped us with our German, as we all learnt new words. The play is about identical twins and their friend Annika.  Annika has a drama practical exam and has written a piece to perform called Wände (Walls). She has asked Lukas to help her with the performance.  Lukas has an identical twin brother called Dominik but Annika does not know this.  Dominik, unlike Lukas, is a fantastic actor full of ideas and whenever Lukas is out of the room he steps in and pretends to be Lukas.

Annika is totally unaware that she is actually rehearsing with two different people, leading to confusion and frustration as one minute he is great and enthusiastic and interested and the next minute he is silly. This happens several times in the play and each time is funnier than the last.  In the end she realises that they are in fact identical twins!  The actors played the parts very well and the performance was fabulous and very comical.  All the students enjoyed the play and look forward to the next one.

Written by Noor Shakiry, Year 9

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