Women of the Future Event

Sixth Form

On Wednesday 27 April we were given the opportunity to attend the Women of the Future event which was held in the Foreign Commonwealth Office in London.  

We would wholeheartedly recommend this event to everyone because each of us gained from the event in different ways; it really does not matter whether you definitely know what you want to do in the future or have absolutely no idea. You can read below what we each learned from the evening:

Charlotte Beardwell

Before attending the Women of the Future event, I was dead set on studying law so my main goal was to speak to some lawyers and potentially gain contacts for the future.  The event started with a number of inspirational talks by influential business leaders, all of whom had become very successful and it was a real pleasure to be able to listen to them. One lady spoke about the diplomatic service. I had never really considered the Diplomatic Service as a career but while she was speaking I realised that it is actually perfect for me since I study a modern foreign language and love negotiating.  I was able to talk to her later on to find out what the Diplomatic Service involves and what to study at university to make you more attractive to the Foreign Commonwealth Office.

I am so thankful that I was able to attend the Women of the Future event because I had really limited my options by being so focused on law and I could have missed out on a wonderful career.  As I had planned, I talked to many solicitors and barristers and was able to contact them after the event but, in addition, I will definitely be applying for work experience at the Foreign Commonwealth Office next year so that I can find out more about the Diplomatic Service.

Zobia Shahid

I personally found the speeches to be the best part of the evening as the stories of these women and what they had overcome in order to be successful really motivated me to believe in myself and my ability to succeed.  In the speeches, the women shared with us their tips and key motivational quotes, giving us reassurance for the future.  Overall, the most important lesson I took away from the talks was that I can achieve anything I want to in life - and if anyone ever tells me that I cannot, I will make it my mission to prove to them and myself that I can.

Karissa Shah

At the event there were many different people to talk to from numerous industries. Personally, I am interested in the financial sector since I love Maths and Economics. As Lloyds Bank sponsored the event, I was able to speak to people from different parts of the bank such as retail banking and investment banking. This gave me a good feel of which area of the industry I would be particularly interested in.  I was also able to speak to two people from JP Morgan both of whom were very helpful.  They talked me through the different parts of the investment bank and what they do. Due to my interest in investment banking, they were able to offer me a work placement at JP Morgan in private banking.

I am grateful to Northwood College for giving me the opportunity to go to this event as it really opened my eyes into the world of work and enabled me to talk to some inspiring women in different careers.

Dayna Tohidi

Before the event, I was convinced that fashion would not be an industry that would be represented, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the vast number of the industry experts that attended. This really opened my eyes and showed me that no career is a bad career and that vocational careers are just as important.

Throughout the evening I spoke to many inspiring women, who each focused on a different field of fashion and design.  I was fortunate enough to receive an offer to go to IBM for a day hosted by their head of retail, as well as an internship and an invitation to another networking event from two designers.  Another valuable aspect of the event was that I was able to get interviews lined up for my personal fashion blog with three industry experts. This will enable me to put my writing skills into practice and will look impressive on my personal statement.

The experience I had at the Women of the Future event was invaluable and I would encourage all girls to take advantage of opportunities such as this.


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