Year 5 Residential Trip to PGL Liddington

Junior School

All the girls had an amazing experience, many saying that they could never have predicted how challenging the activities really were until they got close to them and saw what was involved.

 All the girls had a go and persevered even when they felt like giving up. The staff: Mrs Talbot, Mrs Sara, Dr Roche, Miss Smaga and Miss Leighton-Smith, were very impressed by their determination and resilience.  They encouraged and reassured each other, creating an inspiring team spirit in each of the five groups.

With the wonderful sunny weather, we had a smile on our faces as we left Liddington on Friday afternoon.  The girls all ‘flew the flag’ for Northwood College for Girls and we are very proud of them.

The activities were run by the highly qualified PGL staff and safety harnesses were worn for any activities above ground level.  The activities were:

Trapeze: climbing a high pole and swinging to grab the trapeze.

Giant Swing: the team pull up two girls who are holding a large bar. The height of the swing was determined by the choice of each of the pairs taking part.

Zip Wire: individuals climb the stairs inside a high tower and then slide down the long wire (25 metres or so) to then let themselves down using a ‘penguin’ clip.

Fencing: skills were taught before we used any equipment.  After donning protective clothing, glove and face-guard/helmet, we started to put our new skills to the test.

Open Canoeing: on a small shallow lake/pond.  After instructions on dry land and putting on life-jackets, the girls worked in pairs on coordinating their strokes in order to move forwards and backwards.

Tree Top Study Trail:  this low level tree top assault course was more challenging than it looked and many of us were glad it was not any higher up in the trees!  The more confident girls had the opportunity to do the course more than once, depending on time constraints.

Vertical Challenge:  this was a vertical obstacle course on a wall which was composed firstly of rope ladders, then tyre ladders, climbing wall and finally assault netting.  Many of the girls managed to reach new heights of achievement and so did some of the staff!

Abseiling:  using harnesses and taking partial control of their descent (the staff had total control), the girls firstly came directly down the wall and then, as they grew in confidence, began to bounce down the wall!

Ball Sports: playing various games on the Astro Turf court involving balls – kick rounders was a favourite.

PGL Sports Night:  lots of running and catching in a field.

Capture the Flag:  strategic game that needed group cooperation.

Robot Wars: this started inside with the girls gaining equipment and resources by taking part in making the highest shoe tower, creating toilet paper ‘mummies’ and then making the best robots. They then went outside to complete more tasks such as dancing and blindfolded water fights!


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