Water and Plan UK Mufti

Senior School

Last month, Northwood College for Girls held a "wear blue" mufti day in honour of Water Aid and Plan UK. We often underestimate and take for granted our incredible education but for many girls our age, school and intellectual growth isn't an option. Even those who have access to learning facilities are constantly under the threat of violence and trauma because for most schools in places like India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, toilet facilities in schools are unsafe, public and leave girls and women being extremely exposed, uncomfortable and vulnerable to harassment and assault.

Plan UK and Water Aid work to construct and provide safer, more hygienic and private bathrooms so that women are able to attend school without fear. Both also aim to remove the stigma around menstruation, and are currently working to provide sanitary products for teenagers who are prevented from attending school when on their periods because of the lack of sanitation and privacy in public buildings. We strongly believe that we have a responsibility to help and support girls all over the world so are grateful for all the girls that wore blue last week to raise awareness and donations for a life changing cause.

School for us is a safe place where we feel protected, it shouldn't have to be any different for them. After all, our reproductivity does not have to affect our productivity.

Written by Myah Popat 

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