GDST’s Travel Scholarships

Sixth Form

Huge congratulations to Jenny Spencer and Nirvana Yarger for their successful applications for the GDST’s travel scholarships.

Jenny Spencer won the GDST Aline Cholmondeley Travel Scholarship which was founded by Lady Aline Cholmondeley, a former pupil of Kensington High School and is awarded with preference for travel in order to study, perform or listen to music.

Jenny was the outstanding candidate as she aims to spend two months in Denmark following in the footsteps of Carl August Nielsen, her favourite composer. She will be making her way from Copenhagen to Odense and then up the east coast of the West Island, visiting the places where Nielsen composed his music and the concert halls in which he performed.

Delighted that the GDST scholarship will cover the cost of the whole trip, Jenny is looking forward to teaching English to Danish children to help her with everyday living expenses.

After her Denmark trip, Jenny will be spending the rest of her gap year as an au-pair in France, further developing her knowledge of the language, before going on to University College London to study French and Danish.

Nirvana Yarger won £250 for her literature based trip to Eastern Europe. Nirvana plans to spend three days in Prague and Krakow visiting the famous libraries and places which have inspired many novelists and poets. Nirvana hopes to study Comparative Literature at King’s College and her forthcoming trip will be excellent preparation for university life.

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