Careers Convention and Higher Education Evening

Senior School

We were delighted to see so many girls and parents at last week’s event and hope that you found it a useful and informative evening.  Ms Thompson would like to thank all the girls, staff and parents who supported the event and made it such a successful evening.

The article below, written by Poppy Treadaway in Year 11, sums up the wonderful atmosphere and the excitement of the event:

“On the evening of the 21st of January, girls from Years 9-13 met with representatives from universities from all over the UK and speakers from a great variety of careers. From journalism to law, the room was filled with endless opportunities and profitable knowledge…

The university representatives, including those from Oxford, Cambridge and many of the Russell Group, were all tremendously helpful in giving advice on entry requirements and the content of the courses on offer. There is a wide range of courses available to study, ranging from African History to Radio Engineering and Medicine, and talking to experts from these universities gave a real insight into the possible courses that are available to us when we go to university. 

Apart from universities, the hall was filled with experts from many different careers, including investment bankers, journalists, a physiotherapist, a solicitor, an actress and even the metropolitan police! Everyone grasped the opportunity to talk to experts in their field of interest, all of whom were delighted to offer their own personal experiences of getting into their industry and to offer advice and information to give us a better understanding of the world of work.

Just as we thought the evening couldn’t get any better, there were also group talks from successful ambassadors of particular career areas, including leading barristers and surgeons, an economist, a banker and a journalist.  I attended the latter talk, delivered by a Northwood College ‘Old Girl’, Amy Bennett who spoke about her journey from a young girl who loved horses to becoming a successful journalist for leading equestrian magazines. She also spoke about how she got her name known within the journalism world, described a day in the life of a journalist and gave us her personal advice on getting into the competitive media industry. 

Overall, I thought the convention was exceptionally useful in gaining essential information about my future career choices. From speaking to a broadcast journalist, Vishva Samani, a Heathfield ‘Old Girl’, I learnt some valuable lessons about being a journalist, as well as getting some advantageous first-hand advice on life as a journalist and what it takes to be successful within this career.”

Poppy Treadaway 11H

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