Year 9’s Trip to Tate Modern by Claire Gordon-Brown


On the frosty mid-winter morning of 8 January, Year 9 set off for an amazing experience – the Tate Modern Art Gallery.  After a lengthy journey, we were well rewarded.  Working our way up and down the Tate on a conveyor belt of escalators and staircases, the sheer size of the gallery was enough to impress whilst the raised inside garden, viewable from the second floor, is a feat repeated in no other London attraction and was certainly well worth a visit.

The opportunity to see some pop-art in real life, including Lichenstein’s ‘Wham!’ was an inspiring and interesting chance to pursue art with real fervour.  The surrealist artists’ work was thought-worthy and philosophical.  It was interesting to see how artists interweave socio-philosophical issues in their artworks and how it affects the viewer in different ways.

Sketching some of the artworks created in us a sense of detail and accuracy; every single feature was carefully recorded and analysed.  In this way, along with the notes and information accessed from the boards, we could understand the stories interlinked within the paintings and photographs.  One artist, Simryn Gill, created a set of photographs consisting of Malaysian people wearing masks of tropical fruit.  These were made to defy the stereotypes of ‘the exotic’ and how we view people in other countries.

‘The World Goes Pop’ exhibition, filled with colourful pop art, was bright and educational.  Significant pieces of work in this area included the ‘Red Coat’, one big coat for 11 people which was taken on tour around the world.  Starting off as something purely humorous, it became a political fight against racism – as its designer says, “same skin for everybody.”

Consumer pop art, which we have been studying in class, was featured quite heavily throughout the exhibition.  To see different examples of this was eye-opening because it allowed us to understand the artists’ motives for the pieces.

I would like to thank the Art department for organising this educative trip which will support our work on art in school. Thanks also go to the staff who supervised on the trip and made sure we all knew where we were going!

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