Cosmic Classroom by Ruby, Keya, Aaliyah and Ziyana in Year 3

Junior School

On Tuesday 2 February, 3G were lucky enough to ‘live link up’ with Tim Peake on the International Space Station (ISS).  

We did some exercises and so did Tim.  It was an experiment to see what happened to us on Earth with gravity and what happened to Tim without gravity!

We enjoyed watching the bubble experiment when Tim made a sphere of water and put a fizzy vitamin tablet into it. It became humungous – it looked like a snow globe!  We were very surprised that it didn’t explode. Some people got to ask Tim questions.  Tim explained that the ISS travels at 17,000mph so it escapes the gravitational pull.  He also told us that his favourite button was the one that opens the hatch to outer space.

We were one of 8,000 schools who were watching the live link up and 240,000 children took part. 

The whole cosmic classroom experience lasted for 1 hour – we really hoped that it could last for longer and that we were astronauts!



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