Year 3 Trip to HOAC

Junior School

On Friday 16 October, I went on an amazing school trip to HOAC. I was so excited on my way to school because I could not wait to try all the activities.

After a twenty minute journey on the coach, we arrived at HOAC and the manager gave us all the instructions we had to follow. Ben (one of our activity leaders) showed us a special jacket with a whistle attached called a life jacket.The whistle was in case we were in any danger.

Our first activity was Orienteering. I was in Miss Golinsky’s group and we had to use Map A and Map D to find all the hole punches in the woods. We had great fun.

After lunch, our next activity was called ‘Spider’s Web’. We had to get through the holes to the other side. It was quite difficult because we had to lift people through the top holes. Ben put clips on the rope where we had used it so that we didn’t use that hole again. It was fantastic!

After that, we did team games on a huge log. We had to stand on the log and get into birthday order and then first name order without falling off or talking. This was really hard. Next we worked in two teams to race on skis, lifting our legs and our planks, left and right.

Our last activity was ‘Nightline’. It was my favourite! We had to wear black goggles and follow the rope. I was so scared to pass the different obstacles and go on the slide. My wellies ended up full of bark. Once we had finished, we looked at what we had done and we all said,“It would be easy if we could do it without goggles!” Then we got on the coach and went back to school.

It was the best day ever!

Vassilia Tsiamoulou Year 3 

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