Knitting Club

Senior School

I started going to Knitting Club when I was in Year 9 because I had heard how enjoyable and rewarding it was.  The first thing I tried to make was a simple scarf but at that time I found knitting very difficult and fiddly and could not get past the first row.  I even managed to destroy half a ball of Big Softie Wool before I managed to work out how it works.  Luckily after I had learnt how to do the stitches, the rest of it was fairly simple and I finished the scarf.  After that knitting became easier; the stitches were repetitive so that, very soon after joining the club, I was able to knit without having to think too much about what each hand was doing.

I am very glad that I eventually figured out how to knit as I now enjoy it as a leisure time activity.  I have knitted a large variety of items since finishing my scarf; for example, over the summer I finished knitting an Aran sweater for my father, using the O’Flaherty clan pattern.  People often ask me how I find the time, particularly as it took me eight months to finish the last jumper I made, but I really enjoy knitting and I think the results are well worth the effort.

Nivethanaa Pulavan 11H 

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