Geraldine McCaughrean visits Northwood College for Girls


On Monday 12 October, we welcomed award winning British novelist Geraldine McCaughrean. Geraldine has written over 150 books and has received many book awards.

Geraldine’s ‘A Pack of Lies’ novel, which received the Carnegie Medal is a collection of historical stories in a frame narrative.

Geraldine enjoyed spending time with our girls and commented: ‘I tried to convey the sheer fun of writing and story-making today. The girls have been a terrific crowd, full of wonderful ideas.’ Geraldine’s motto to the girls is - ‘Do not write about what you know, write about what you want to know.’

As part of the workshop the girls were provided with props and encouraged to engage their imaginations and explore their five senses to create a backdrop.

The girls delighted in using their imaginations to create mythical monsters with numerous legs, bodies covered in feathers and scales and the power to clone themselves!

Geraldine assured the girls that reading is a life enhancing skill and suggested that in order for girls to be encouraged to read they need to see their parents reading, so they follow in the same vein.

Geraldine is currently working on her next book which is sea-based and set in St Kilda, Scotland.

Mrs E Annetts
School Librarian

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