Bekonscot Model Village

Junior School

Year 1 visited Bekonscot Model Village on Tuesday 6 October. Despite the early train, we had a wonderful time and the trip complimented our topic ‘Changes in Living Memory’, beautifully. The girls loved spotting miniature horses pulling ploughs, ‘working’ fire engines and steam trains,
thatched houses and vintage cars, biplanes and tiny villagers enjoying a street party… and so much more!

The girls were very enthusiastic, exuberantly discovering the individual shops,admiring the blacksmith, spotting the windmill, gazing at the fun fair and forever saying “Look, there’s a steam train!” as they rushed to follow it as it steamed past! We had a wonderful visit and it reinforced our History topic, as well as encouraging a wealth of new language.

Many thanks to all the parents and staff who accompanied us on the trip. We had a fantastic day!

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