Year 11 at Juniper Hall

Senior School

On Friday 25 September, thirty five Year 11 Geographers set out for their residential field trip to Juniper Hall field centre. 

Surrounded by stunning Surrey countryside and Box Hill (one of the settings for Jane Austen’s novel ‘Emma’), Juniper Hall is a field studies centre run by the Field Studies Council.  

The girls were visiting to investigate how erosion changes downstream along the River Tillingbourne, a tributary of the River Wey which then flows into the Thames further north.

The girls were able to research relevant theory and develop an understanding of the question before undertaking the fieldwork on Saturday 26 September.  They collected data using a range of equipment and logged the results on ipads.  Back in school, this data was then utilised by the girls to generate interesting data presentations of their results.

On the Sunday the girls continued with their fieldwork and returned better informed on how real rivers develop as they flow downstream.  This will greatly enhance their understanding of rivers and river valleys, having studied them previously.

I would like to thank Mrs Spicer for accompanying this trip. 

Mr Rogoff

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