Health Issues Talk

Senior School

During the Health Issues session this week we were visited by three former pupils: Sameera Tanna who is entering her second year of Medicine at King’s College; Ashni Malhotra who is entering her second year of Medicine at Imperial College and Catriona Bradley who is entering her second year of Biological Sciences at the University of Kent. 


Year 12 and Year 13 girls interested in these career areas attended the session and acquired an insight into life as a university student and the amount of preparation needed to cope with the demands of courses. Key advice was imparted ,including the need to obtain relevant work experience and to keep a record of this together with Sixth Form activities to ensure the accuracy of personal statements.


When discussing UKCAT and BMAT preparation, the girls emphasised the need for continued practice of questions and the importance of remaining calm when under pressure. Several useful tips were given regarding medical school interviews including examples of ethical issues which have been asked as part of the multiple mini interviews (MMI).


The girls gave a full account of which topics were taught in the first year at university and Catriona stressed the importance of checking course content before applying for a Biological Science degree: these courses often relate to the particular research undertaken at the university.

We would like to thank Sameera, Ashni and Catriona for all their helpful advice and encouragement.

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