Year 6 Isle of Wight Residential Trip

Junior School Trip

Just before the half term break, the girls in Year 6 enjoyed their five day residential trip to the Isle of Wight. The girls stayed at The Medina Valley Centre which is an independent environmental and outdoor education charity and, as always, all of the Centre’s staff made us feel incredibly welcome.

‘The overall experience of the trip was amazing and it helped us with our Geography work.’ - Neha Patel

This residential is a little different to theYear 4 and 5 trips that the girls had been on previously, in that they undertake a number of environmental related activities.

Each day, the girls studied different elements of field work. One of these field trips was a wonderful excursion to the Bembridge Rocky Shore where the girls waded through rock pools to study sea life.

‘It was awesome to search under the rocks. We found lots of different wildlife.This was something that I had never done before!’ - Kareena Patel

The girls studied the wildlife that exists in a local river by paddling in the river and using petri dishes and magnifying glasses. It was a wet, but very interesting and thought provoking experience!

In addition to this, the girls enjoyed a fantastic falconry display, a trip to Brighstone Village and created some super beach art!

‘The falconry display was an amazing experience, because we were allowed to see the birds up close!’ - Aliza Fidahusein

Both staff and girls thoroughly enjoyed the trip!

Mr Jeffrey

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