Junior School Go Green!

Junior School Event

On Wednesday 17 June,Years 4 – 6 participated in an Eco Day. The aim of the day was to celebrate all of the eco activities and work we have already achieved as well as looking at what else we can do inside and outside school to be more green. 

The day started with an assembly organised by Mrs Annetts (Eco Co-ordinator/ School Librarian) and Shriya Ashar (Eco Prefect), who introduced the day and provided a timetable.

Eco Ted made an appearance too! Activities took place inside and outside of the ‘Life in the dumps’ – what it is like for children who live on landfill sites.

This provided an opportunity for creative writing in the form of a poem, newspaper article or story linked to the theme of young children working and living on rubbish heaps.The girls were fascinated and horrified at the same time when they saw the conditions that some children around the world have to endure.

Art from rubbish! Artistic and creative talent was put to use as some amazing pieces of artwork were produced from rubbish and items from the recycling bin. One group made the word ECO out of rubbish, others made robots and practical applications saw one group make a home for a hamster whilst another made a bird house.

Quizzes! Some classes took part in a variety of quizzes including one about ‘green’ travel. In the afternoon there was a very interesting presentati

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