Year 2 Restore Hope

Trip Junior School

Year 2 had a wonderful time at Restore Hope in the beautiful Chess Valley on Monday 29 June. The weather was superb and the girls, dressed for the fields, took to the adventure with great enthusiasm and were treated to a wonderful array of outdoor activities.

The girls used their imaginations and made a den out of natural materials, working collaboratively as a team and being marked for ingenuity and sturdiness of the structure!

They were taught how to make their own kites with canes, plastic, tape and string - it was wonderful to watch them fly their kites across the field and then carefully take them home to show their families.
The girls then explored the stream, wearing crocs and wading into the shallow water where they used scientific nets to catch a variety of shrimps, small insects, invertebrates and even a tiny fish.

Finally, the girls created art out of nature by making nature crowns and painting small stones.We had a wonderful day exploring and our thanks go to the parents who accompanied us and to the staff at Restore Hope for giving us such a memorable day.

Mrs Delaney

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