Year 3 Trip to the Out Look Discovery Centre

Trip Junior School

On Wednesday 17 June, Year 3 set off for the Look Out Discovery Centre in Bracknell to enjoy a Science trip.

The adventure began in the outside area where we were able to play with scientific objects and have a try at some science experiments. Our favourite was the Archimedes’ Screw. It was difficult to keep the wheel spinning at an equal speed because our arms began to ache!

Then we visited the ‘Build It’ area where we were able to build a roof, create the outside walls of a house using massive building blocks that looked like Lego and clamber all over a climbing frame. We also drew blueprints.

Following this, we entered the ‘Light and Sound’ area where we learnt how light and solid objects create a shadow – we even created a whole class shadow using a light box. Our favourite part was the light and sound disco.

After a while, we quickly walked up the stairs, excited to see the rest of the exhibits. Upstairs we found a locked treasure chest which the key would not open as there was a magnet on the key ring that repelled the magnet keeping the chest locked. Once these were held against each other, we could get to the treasure! We asked some of the teachers to try to open the chest but they did not realise that you could not use the key!

Before long, it was time for the ‘Bugs and Beasties’ presentation. We learnt how to recognise insects and learnt that they have three body parts called the head, the thorax and the abdomen; they also have six legs.

We also looked at food chains – some of us were able to dress up to show the different parts of a food chain. We were sad to learn that if only one part was missing, then the whole chain would not work.

We nervously went outside to look at a nest of wood ants before being given nets and pots. These were to capture (and later on, set free) different insects for a closer look.

We were told not to annoy the wood ants otherwise they would all come and defend their friend and spray formic acid!

Finally, we got back on the coach to come back to school. We had a stupendous scientific day.

By Thalia Al-Madfai, Samantha Lack and Daarshini Surendra

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