Salters’ Festival of Chemistry 2015


On the 10 June, three girls from Year 8 and I travelled to London to experience the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry along with many other schools. It was a very educational trip which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

We were involved in two very challenging, but enjoyable, experiments.

  • Lined up in our schools, with the clock against us, we first solved a murder mystery. This particular experiment involved chromatography, universal indicators and reactions with several chemicals.
  • Our second experiment consisted of obtaining an ideal temperature of water with our only chemicals being citric acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate and water. This one was the hardest but still incredibly fun.

During our Science trip, the staff at UEL gave us a demonstration in which we learnt many things and realised that even the simplest things in nature are linked to Chemistry.

One of the experiments that we found particularly interesting was when the demonstrator had a large beaker in front of him containing a colourless liquid. Next to it was an empty beaker. He poured the colourless liquid into the other beaker and it started changing colour to red, green, purple, etc. We were taught that it was a reaction with oxygen causing the colour change.

It was an opportunity that was both informative and interesting. Thank you very much to everyone who made this trip possible!

By Claire Gordon-Brown and Aishwarya Shah

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