Year 12 Biology Field trip to Amersham


On Friday 19 June, the Year 12 Biology students went to Amersham Field Centre to learn about succession from grassland to woodland.

We placed a transect (tape measure) from the grassland into the woodland and at every metre we used a point quadrat to record the number and different types of plant species (biotic factor). Abiotic factors were also sampled, using a light intensity meter and a temperature probe to measure the temperatures of the soil and air. Soil depth was measured by pushing a knitting needle into the soil and then measuring the length with a ruler. Canopy cover was measured using a gridded quadrat and soil pH using a pH meter.

The results were analysed using a Spearman’s Rank Correlation statistical test to see if there were significant correlations between various factors, such as canopy cover and soil depth along the transect.

The afternoon activity involved sampling two woodlands in different stages of succession, one in early succession and the other in late succession (climax community). We applied the technique of random sampling using a random number table to generate random coordinates where we placed the framed quadrats. Using random coordinates prevented bias in our sampling.

Our favourite plants were sticky weed and wood sorrel.

Thank you to Mrs Asquith, Mrs Rowntree and Mrs Wong for organising this trip.

By Maya, Helen, Shreena, Amy, Devika and Preeti in Year 12

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