Year 2 Gunnersbury Park Trip

Junior School Trip

On Tuesday 9 June, Year 2 arrived at Gunnersbury Park and were met by Mistress Jane, maid to Mr Samuel Pepys and Miss Florence Nightingale.

We had the most fantastic day and all the girls helped to tell the story of the Great Fire of London and the life of Florence Nightingale.

We heard the town crier, experienced the crackling of the fire, dressed in the traditional period clothes, combed the wigs, wore the overshoes to stop our feet form getting muddy in the streets, pulled down houses with fire hooks, tried to put out the fire with leather buckets ... in fact, we lived through - and survived - the Great Fire of London!

Later on we experienced the dirt in the hospital in Scutari, cleaned the wards, dressed the soldiers’ wounds, acted as servants to Parthenope, dressed up in crinolines, wrote letters to Mr Sidney Herbert, took photographs of family groups, looked at maps showing the journey to the Crimea, swayed on the boats and jogged in the carriages ... in fact, we lived the life of Florence Nightingale! What a wonderful day bringing History to life!

Mrs Delaney

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