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This week the girls in Reception have had two very special visitors in school.

On Wednesday we were visited by Lisa Coker, the Hillingdon Road Safety and School Travel Officer, who talked to the girls about travelling to school.

The girls were encouraged to think about their favourite means of travel with the choices being to walk or to travel by scooter or bike, train or bus, or by car. Once they had made their choice, they were given a leaf to add to the ‘travel tree’ which was made up by all of the girls’ preferred travel options. Lisa explained to the girls about the importance of fresh air and exercise and talked to them about pollution. Perhaps your girls will encourage you to park a little further away from school to enjoy walking together to complete your journey.

On Thursday we welcomed Dr Ujita Patel from Victoria Road Dental Clinic who spoke to the girls about the importance of looking after your teeth.

Dr Patel explained the importance of the number two – you should brush your teeth two times a day for two minutes and you must visit the dentist twice a year! The girls loved looking at the enormous set of teeth and shared their knowledge of healthy eating.They were advised to drink milk and water and only eat sugary foods and sweets on special occasions.

Mrs Allen

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