Tudor Treat for Year 4

Junior School

Year 4 took part in a ‘History Off the Page’ Tudor Day on Friday 9th January 2015.

The girls were given a hands-on cross curricular learning experience, which enabled them to turn back the clock and live a day in the life of Tudor times. The morning saw the girls make their own Tudor artefacts and enjoy a talk from an expert about what Tudor life entailed. The girls had the opportunity to learn about the Tudors in a more ‘hands on’ approach and had great fun mixing inks together to use with their quills – a very different experience to using modern day stationery!

The girls learnt about the Tudor technique for sewing embroidered handkerchiefs and then used herbs and spices to prepare potions and medicines designed to cure the illnesses that were rife during this period of our history. Finally, the girls were treated to a Tudor banquet; being split into ‘servant’ and ‘royalty’ sections gave the girls a taste of the economic divide between the classes at this time, but all enjoyed sampling tasty Tudor-themed food and delicacies.

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