In Textiles pupils develop creative and practical techniques and technical knowledge preparing them to participate in a world of rapidly changing technologies. They learn to be creative and imaginative in solving problems, developing invaluable life skills.

Lower School (Years 7-9)

In KS3 Textiles pupils develop an understanding of how art, design and technology have a leading role in the rapidly changing world today.

This creative subject is taught to all pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 in mixed ability groups. The students are encouraged to be creative, inventive and carry out research independently. They study the work of artists and designers and learn new textile techniques each year to build on their previous knowledge. This then leads them on to design and create their own individual and unique textile piece using a wide range of equipment and materials.

In Textiles pupils develop essential core skills which will help them progress in their studies and life.

Upper School (Years 10 and 11)

GCSE Textiles follow the Art and Design: Textile Design AQA Examination Board. Year on year grades have been outstanding in this subject.

In this course pupils learn how to create textile pieces using many creative techniques and skills such as silk painting, transfer printing, dye work, appliqué, embellishment, building texture, free embroidery, garment construction, fashion design and much more……

Sixth Form

At A Level we follow the A level Art and Design: Textile Design AQA Examination Board.

Pupils explore practical as well as critical/contextual work in one or more areas including fashion design, fashion textiles, costume design, digital textiles, printed and/or dyed fabrics and materials, domestic textiles, interior design, constructed textiles, art textiles and installed textiles.

The skills learnt on this course enable pupils to demonstrate a different dimension as an individual, developing creative and independent learning skills which are really valued by employers, universities and colleges.




Textiles, Art and Design GCSE - 100% A* - A

Textiles, Art and Design A Level - 100% A* - B



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