Our approach to pupil wellbeing rests on the firm belief that girls achieve their best when they feel happy, safe, secure and valued.

We look after the whole person in school life, helping girls stay healthy in body, mind and spirit. This means we celebrate success in all its forms and encourage our girls to strive to be better, but also support them through life's inevitable setbacks or failures.

Our caring approach helps girls develop a strong sense of self-esteem and responsibility towards themselves and others and the wider world around them. It is part of the moral compass we want them to have.  


We aim to:

-   develop a sense of social responsibility and concern for others
-   encourage pupils to think for themselves and reach considered decisions
-   promote self-discipline and independence, bearing in mind the needs of others
-   provide opportunities for developing interpersonal skills
-   enable pupils to always reach their full potential
-   prepare pupils for future decisions and choices



A Sense of Belonging

Each girl is a member of a Form and of a House. Through the House system there is frequent contact with older girls and these links across the school years are an important part of our community. 

The House system fosters a sense of belonging, creates opportunities for leadership and is part of our pastoral care structure. It is also the source of fierce competition on the sports field and elsewhere, where girls can win points towards the annual House Cup or other House events.

Sisters are always allocated to the same House and we normally accommodate special requests to join a particular house for historical family reasons, as we have a long tradition of daughters, nieces and cousins attending Northwood College for Girls.


Briary (Red)

Buchan (Blue)

Endsleigh (Green)

Heathfield (White)

Thank you for a wonderful start to my daughter’s school life.

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