The study of Psychology entails a quest to understand the Human mind and behaviour.

At Northwood College for Girls Psychology is introduced into the Sixth Form Curriculum and enters as a Science – and as young psychologists the girls learn about not only the biology of a human brain but about cognition and behavioural patterns. Those who master the basic theories of psychology will be able to gain a grasp of the behavioural patterns of those around them.

Psychology is popular within the Sixth Form, with over half the cohort studying the subject, to complement their other A level subjects. We aim to provide students with general knowledge and understanding of the psychological field, as well as becoming familiar with the main schools of Psychology and applying theoretical knowledge to everyday situations.

We follow the AQA Specification. The course covers Introductory topics in Psychology, including the human memory (eye witness testimony), Psychology in Context topics including abnormal behaviour (what is normal and abnormal behaviour), as well as how psychologists carry out research.

The second year of the course expands upon the knowledge gained from the first year and delves further into human behaviour. Topics include Forensic Psychology, Relationships, Aggression, Schizophrenia and Stress.

Trips in the past have included visiting the founder of Psychology Freud's Museum and where he lived and worked, London Zoo to understand why phobias exist and how they are treated, as well as, a residential trip to Berlin to apply the Social psychological theories to the atrocities of the Holocaust.

We are always delighted with the success our girls have in A Level Psychology, with many girls going on to study Medicine, Law, Dentistry as well as Psychology or related courses at prestigious universities. In 2010, we were awarded by the British Psychological Society the award for one of our students achieving full marks in all her Psychology examination papers.

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