Economics and Business Studies

Economics and Business Studies


In Economics and Business Studies, girls will follow the Eduqas syllabus. During the course of their studies, they will learn about both microeconomics and macroeconomics, and they will be able to apply their knowledge to real-world economic problems.

For example, girls will consider the effect of tax rates and government spending decisions on the economy, the effects of regulation and subsidies, and how development can best be aided.

Economics and Business Studies are introduced as new subjects in the Sixth Form.  The course involves learning about the UK economy as well as the international economic perspective.

At Northwood College for Girls, we follow the AQA Applied Business course. Assessment is through both coursework and examinations, with a weighting of two thirds given to coursework. Many students find that their skills are ideally suited to coursework, as they will have the chance to produce an in-depth investigation into the running of a real business. 

There are two examinations; one which assesses the understanding of Business Finance, and the other which considers Human Resource issues.

The department also provides a range of extracurricular activities. Girls who study Economics will have the chance to enter the prestigious Target 2.0 competition, where they will make a recommendation as to which interest rate will help the Bank of England to meet its inflation target. 

Girls studying both subjects are also encouraged to participate in Business Enterprise, where they will work as part of a group to develop a mini enterprise.

In the second term of the programme, the girls are able to develop their leadership skills by mentoring Year 9 students.

Many students go on to study Economics or Business related courses at prestigious universities including Warwick, LSE and Nottingham.

We are very happy with our daughter’s progress. She is very happy in class and it shows in her work.

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