Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom


However broad and stimulating an academic programme is, we believe it should be complemented by an exciting extra-curricular offering.

New subjects and interests provide a sense of wonder, curiosity and discovery and our extra-curricular programme has been developed to provide these aspects to our girls.

We believe that to truly excel and reach out of her comfort zone a girl should feel happy, secure and valued at school.  One way to initiate and develop friendships across different year groups and classes is to attend lunch time or after school clubs. 

With this in mind we have made the commitment to offer over 60 clubs per week across our school and we encourage junior girls to get involved in both fun and educational activities that range from gardening to ballet; country dancing to k-kwon-do; knitting to debating and chess to yoga.

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From war hero, Simon Weston, to industry leaders and from celebrity authors to the mobile zoo – a stream of visitors to school bring with them tales of success that inspire and motivate our girls and fire their imaginations.

Our 'Mayou Lecture Series' welcomes inspirational speakers to school to deliver special lunchtime lectures. Last term, we had a deeply inspiring talk from Sally Kettle, who rowed 5,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean! Many more interesting and motivating speakers have been lined up for future lectures.

We acknowledge the value of learning beyond the classroom and ensure that each term the girls will benefit from educational day trips to museums, theatres,  galleries, historical sites and study centres. 

Residential trips are organised for the older junior school year groups.

Awareness of the needs of others and of the outside world is also crucial. Our Community Service programme and support for local and national charities contributes to broadening girls' awareness of the needs of those less fortunate than themselves.

Musical concerts, performances and drama productions are regular features at Northwood College for Girls and all our girls are encouraged to participate.

The pupils reach high standards of personal fulfilment across a wide range of activities.

ISI Report 2012
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