Girls enter the Nursery in the term following their third birthday.  They will have an informal assessment with one of the Nursery teachers which will take place in September or January.  All girls in the Nursery classes will automatically transfer into a Reception class.

The first few years of a child’s education are vitally important as they provide the academic foundations.

We ensure that each child receives the quality time and attention required every day to help build her confidence and self-esteem; which in turn will allow her to develop her own curiosity and interest in learning and discovery.

Whilst the curriculum is structured with an emphasis on reading and writing, the focus in Nursery and Reception is on learning through play.  The objective is to enable the girls to develop their literacy and numeracy skills so that they are well prepared for Years 1 and 2.


In Reception (age 4+) we work to develop the girls’ language and communication proficiency, creative ability and social and emotional skills. 

In both Nursery and Reception the girls enjoy weekly Music, Ballet, Spanish, PE and Swimming lessons - all taught by specialist teachers and instructors.

We believe in the importance of developing each girl’s social skills at this early age and encourage the ability to show consideration for others, share, and show kindness.


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