Based in Endsleigh Gardens near Euston Station, London and founded by Miss Catherine Buchan-Smith, Northwood College began life in 1873 as 'Endsleigh House'.   

The school grew quickly and by 1890 was large enough to add a training department for young teachers.

In the late 1880s, the farm lands around the newly-opened Northwood Station on the Metropolitan Line were divided up for sale and the school acquired a site in Maxwell Road which, at that time, was a leafy country road with just two houses.

The main College building was built in 1892 and in December the school moved out of London to start the new term in Northwood with 20 boarders and a handful of day girls.

Within two years of its existence at Northwood, a new wing was added to the school to meet the needs of the rapidly developing residential area. A department for young boys, the Briary, was later opened in an adjoining house and boys continued to attend the school until the 1940’s.

In 2013, Northwood College and Heathfield School for Girls GDST announced plans to join forces to create a leading independent girls’ school in North West London - Northwood College for Girls GDST.

The merger built upon the excellent academic and pastoral traditions of both schools and the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) was delighted to welcome Northwood College to its UK-wide network of independent girls’ schools.

The UK’s largest education charity, the GDST has a track record in educational innovation and exceptionally high standards of teaching and learning to support academic excellence.

Planting the belief that taking a risk is good and to stand firm with your ideas while respecting thoughts of others has been evident in her development.

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